How to Choose Jewelry to Fit Yourself?

Jewelry is an important accessory that honors the beauty and personality of each person. Knowing how to choose the right jewelry for the face, personality and outfit will increase the beauty of the owner. Here are some must-have tips for you to know how to choose the best jewelry for you.

Matching personality

– If you are a traditional person, you should choose jewelry with soft and classic designs.

– If you are the type of person who is enthusiastic and loves fashion, you should choose a style of jewelry that is disruptive and large to make an impression.

Pay attention to combine jewelry with hairstyle and face shape to harmonize.

Fits the face

  • Round faces are suitable for teardrop-shaped earrings, long and slightly angular. Necklaces should choose a slim strap, gentle texture, a bit long to create a slimmer face. Avoid choosing the type of string that hugs the neck, many cumbersome stones make the face larger.
  • A heart-shaped, triangular face with a pointed chin is suitable for long, hooked earrings.
  • Filled face is suitable for small, close-fitting, round earrings to create contrast and reduce angles. Choose a neck-hugging style.
  • The oval face is suitable for all types of earrings. If your neck is elongated, you should choose a neck-hugging ring. If the neck is a bit short, choose a long and slim form.

Skin color matching

  • Light skin tones go well with silver, diamond, pearl or white gold jewelry. Gemstones in shades of pink, purple, blue, magenta, blue and green are also suitable.
  • Dark skin suits gold jewelry; gemstones with earth tones such as yellow, orange, brown.

Combination of jewelry

The delicate combination of earrings with necklaces, rings and bracelets creates an elegant and luxurious style. If you do not coordinate well, it is best to avoid wearing too much jewelry. Just a necklace or bracelet is enough to create a feminine look.

Jewelry color and hair color

Divided into two groups, are white jewelry, such as silver, white gold and platinum and yellow group such as 14K gold, 18K gold.

  • If your hair is reddish brown, gray or gray, you should choose white jewelry.
  • If your hair is blonde, you should choose yellow jewelry.

Jewelry and costume colors

  • Black dress outfit should choose sparkling silver earrings to increase the beauty.
  • Red shirt dress should choose platinum earrings with pink stones.

If you are not confident in your ability to mix colors, it is best to choose an outfit that is the same color as the jewelry.

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