4 tips to help choose the perfect Wedding Jewelry for the “bride”

1. Pay attention to the design of the wedding dress
The most important thing when choosing wedding jewelry is to pay attention to the design of the wedding dress. If you are wearing a wide V-neck wedding dress then choose a thin necklace with a simple face that will help accentuate the elegance and elegance.

If your wedding dress is designed in an open-shoulder style, choose a necklace with a short necklace, creating a taller and slimmer feeling. In addition, a pair of light drop earrings to create accents will be a perfect suggestion for you. Don’t forget to put a fresh flower on your hair to create a soft, shy look.

2. Too many types of jewelry – do not abuse
Wearing jewelry helps the bride stand out on the wedding day, but wearing too many types of jewelry at the same time will lose the sophistication. Choose the right wedding jewelry as a highlight instead of wearing watches, earrings, rings, necklaces… at the same time. 

If your wedding dress has an elaborate hemline, choose a pair of long earrings instead of a necklace. If you’re going to wear a simple cropped dress, choose a necklace with an elaborate design to accentuate it.
Besides, you should also pay attention to choose wedding jewelry combined with hairstyle. If your hair is in a bun, choose a pair of chandelier earrings to make an impression. If loose, choose a pair of teardrop-shaped earrings, which will enhance the charm when you part your hair over your ears.

3. Choose jewelry that matches the color of the wedding dress
If you choose a pure white dress to wear on the day of the fall, create a highlight with wedding jewelry made from pearls or platinum. And if your wedding dress is diamond white, choose wedding jewelry made from gold, rose gold. In addition, for a beaded wedding dress, you will be extremely shining with jewelry in the same color as the decorative beads.

4. Choose the right wedding jewelry for the bride
‘s body and face. If the bride has a round face, choose long, slender earrings. On the contrary, if the bride has a long face, give preference to round earring designs. In addition, for brides with angular faces, large earrings are a good choice to add highlights.

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